Glossary of Commonly Used Terms

Actively at Work

Performing every duty of your job in the Contributing Employer’s usual place of business.

Board of Trustees

The plan sponsor and fiduciary of this Trust who has exclusive authority and discretion to manage the assets of the Trust.

Collective Bargaining Agreement

The collective bargaining agreements between the Employers and Union which provide for contributions to the Trust (also referred to as Subscription Agreement for those Employees not covered by a collective bargaining agreement).

Contributing Employer

An Employer who is required to make contributions to the ILWU Warehousemen’s Welfare Fund.

Declaration of Dissolution of Partnership

The notarized form or affidavit used to declare the dissolution of your domestic partnership.

Declaration of Domestic Partnership

The notarized form or affidavit used to declare the establishment of your domestic partnership.


Those eligible Dependents of the Employee as specified on page 6 of the Eligibility section of the Summary Plan Description.


Supervised physical withdrawal from alcohol or drugs.

Employee or Full-time Active Employee

Any Employee who is Actively at Work for at least eighty (80) hours per calendar month for Contributing Employer(s).

Evidence of Coverage

The booklet provided by your HMO, vision, dental, chiropractic or life and AD&D Provider describing the terms and benefits of your medical, vision, dental or life and AD&D plan.

HMO Identification Card

The card issued to you by your HMO that identifies you as a Member of this Plan.


An Institution constituted, licensed, and operated as set forth in the laws that apply to Hospitals, which:  1) provides room and board and nursing care to its patients; 2) has a staff with one or more Physicians available at all times; 3) provides 24-hour nursing service; 4) maintains on its premises all the facilities needed for the diagnosis, medical care, and treatment of Sickness or Injury; and 5) has organized facilities on its premises for major surgery, or an agreement to provide surgical facilities at other locations.  A licensed, state-approved hospice and a birthing home or center that has an obstetrician consultant and certified nurse-midwives on its staff will be considered a Hospital.  The term Hospital does not include an Institution, or that part of an Institution, used mainly for:  1) nursing care; 2) rest care; 3) convalescent care; 4) care of the aged; 5) custodial care; or 6) educational care.


An Injury to the body that is sustained accidentally.


An Insured Person who is confined in a Hospital or a Convalescent or Skilled Nursing Facility and is charged for Room and Board.


A facility, operating within the scope of its license, whose purpose is to provide organized health care and treatment to an Insured Person; such as, a Hospital, convalescent or skilled nursing facility, ambulatory surgical center, psychiatric Hospital, community mental health center, residential treatment facility, psychiatric day treatment facility, Alcohol or Drug dependency treatment center, alternative birthing center, home health center, hospice, or any other such facility that the Insurance Company approves.

Insured Person(s)

The Employee eligible for the life, accidental death and dismemberment benefits provided under the group policy of the Trust.


A person who is eligible for Medical Plan benefits.

Participating Provider Group

An independent medical group under contract with the HMO.

Primary Care Physician

A group of independent physicians under contract with the HMO.


The carriers or Providers of service to the Trust.

Qualifying Event

An event which qualifies an Employee or Dependent for continuation of benefits coverage under the Consolidated Omnibus Reconciliation Act (COBRA) of 1985, Public Law 99272, and any amendments thereto.


Illness or disease.

Total Disability or Totally Disabled

As used in connection with all Life Insurance means that due to Sickness or Injury an Employee is: 1) under a Physician’s care; and 2) completely and continuously unable to engage in any occupation or business for an income or profit.

Treatment Facility

An Institution that provides a program for the treatment of alcohol or other drug dependency by means of a written treatment plan that is approved by the Teamsters Assistance Program (TAP).


ILWU Warehouse Welfare Fund (also referred to as Plan).

Trust Administrative Office

The Administrative Office of ILWU Warehouse Welfare Fund is located at: P.O. Box 757, Pleasanton, California 94566.

Trust Agreement

The agreement that spells out the methods of receipt, investment and disbursement of funds under the Trust.


The Warehouse Union Local 6, I.L.W.U.