Frequently Asked Questions

How much money is ILWU Warehouse Welfare Fund deducting from my paycheck?

The Trust Fund does not deduct payments from plan participants’ paychecks. Please reference the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) or contact your employer.

When do I become eligible for benefits?

You will become eligible for benefits upon completion of any waiting periods required by the Collective Bargaining Agreement and the Trust Fund’s waiting period, subject to your employer making the required contribution to the Trust Fund on your behalf.

How do I enroll my registered domestic partner?

To enroll your qualified domestic partner, you will need to complete and return the Trust Fund’s affidavit of domestic partnership. Please contact the Plan Administrative Office to receive a complete informational packet relative to domestic partnership, including enrollment change forms and the Trust Fund’s affidavit of domestic partnership. Please be advised that the value of the imputed income resulting from your domestic partner’s health and welfare benefits will be reported to your employer for inclusion on your W-2 Form. Upon satisfaction of the enrollment procedure, a domestic partner will be granted eligibility and provided the same benefits as is an eligible spouse. Along with this, children of domestic partners may also qualify for eligibility in the same manner that stepchildren qualify for coverage.

What do I do if my dependent(s) have a different last name than my own?

To enroll a dependent with a different last name than your own, you will need to prove the dependent’s eligibility through submission of a copy of the appropriate documents (i.e., a marriage certificate if you are adding a spouse, and a birth certificate if you are adding a child).

What do I need to enroll disabled dependent(s) who are over the age of 26?

To enroll a disabled dependent over age 26, you will need to provide proof of disability. Please contact the Plan Administrative Office for further information.

What do I need to do to add my newborn on to my benefits?

Please call or email the Plan Administrative Office to request change forms for your selected health care providers. You must complete and return the forms, as well as enclose a copy of the newborn’s birth certificate to the Plan Administrative Office.

Why must I provide social security numbers to the Plan Administrative Office for me and my dependents?

Under federal law, all social security numbers must be collected on the employee, spouse and children who are covered under a group health plan. The Mandatory Insurer Reporting Law requires group health plans to report all social security numbers to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). ILWU Warehouse Welfare Fund must collect this information to document that it is properly coordinating coverage with CMS. For more information, please reference the CMS Mandatory Insurer Reporting for Group Health Plans at https://www.cms.gov/Medicare/Coordination-of-Benefits-and-Recovery/Mandatory-Insurer-Reporting-For-Group-Health-Plans/Overview.

I have not received my dental ID card and I need to see a dentist... what should I do?

It is not necessary to have an ID card in order to receive dental services. You can provide the dentist with your group number and the name of your dental plan.

What is VSP?

VSP is the acronym for Vision Service Plan. VSP is contracted with the Trust Fund to administer the vision care benefits for those participants with medical benefits. To locate a VSP contracted provider, please visit VSP’s website at www.vsp.com.

Do I need a referral from my primary doctor to access Chiropractic and or Acupuncture benefits?

No. The Trust Fund contracts with Landmark Healthplan to administer the chiropractic and acupuncture benefits for participants with medical benefits. To locate a Landmark Healthplan contracted provider, please visit their website to access their provider directory at www.lhp-ca.com/Members/ProviderDirectory.aspx.

When is Open Enrollment?

The Trust Fund utilizes a Self-Directed Enrollment policy. The self-directed enrollment allows plan participants to make to change their medical and or dental provider at any time during the year (please refer to your Summary Plan Description Booklet). To change your medical and or dental providers, please contact the Plan Administrative Office for the appropriate forms.

What hapens if I stop working?

If you are laid-off or terminate employment, you will receive a COBRA notice regarding continuation of coverage once your coverage ceases.

What are the Plan Administrative Office's hours of operation?

Monday through Friday, from 9:00am to 4:30pm (excluding holidays). To contact the Plan Administrative Office please call 1 (800) 924-1226.